Useful Awesome Stuffs

A collection of interesting packages/libraries by amazing volunteers for faster development.


If it has helped them, it could help you too....

React Audio Trimmer

Want to remove unwanted part of an audio, you can do that right in the browser

React Video Trimmer

Want to remove unwanted part of a video, you can do that right in the browser

Here Map JS

Want to include HereMaps into your webpage? This is an all in one library for that

React HereMap JS

An all in one library to make using HereMap inside of React projects so seamless!!!

Webworker File

This library makes it so easy to use JavaScript files as webworker file in a project.

FFMPEG Webworker

A util library that makes using ffmpeg usable inside of the browser.

Redux API Middleware Broker

With this util library, you can never missout the joy Redux API Middleware brings to redux actions


NodeJS library for to make encryption and decryption even with custom secret(iv string).


Video manipulation library(Thumbnail, preview, size reduction)

Gatsby Comment Plugin

Easier way to add comment to your Gatsby website

React Dropzone Cloudinary

Upload files directly to cloudinary using React Dropzone

Mongo Lite

A light weight MongoDB NodeJS wrapper. Perform find, remove, update, and insert easily.